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UK Caving Links

Caves and Caving in the UK

Caving UK Clubs


UK_Caving pictures, information and articles

UK BlueDome: Caving

UK Caving Conference 2000 Hidden Earth

UK Border Caving Group's Home Page

  • Cave Radio Group (CREG)

  • Cave Surveying Group

  • Cave Surveying pages 

  • Other Special Interest Groups

  • Andrew Brooks personnal caving page

  • Explosives User Group 

  • National Caving Association (NCA) With officials generic email addresses: 

  • NCA Equipment Committee 

  • Caving.UK, and the Descent Magazine

  • UK.REC.CAVING Archives 

  • Cambridge University Caving Club (CUCC) and Compass points index 

  • The LUSS home page in the UK with an excellent clickable map of the Yorkshire Dales. New URL! LancasterUniversity Speleological Society, Articles, pictures, maps, ... 

  • SLUGS: Society Of Lancaster University Graduate Speleologists An Unofficial SLUGS page with some pictures of the Picos de Europa. 

  • NUCC (Nottingham University Caving Club) 

  • SUSS: Sheffield Univ. Speleological Society with a clickable map of UK 

  • Southampton University Caving Club (by Jasper Wallace) newsletters, library 

  • Andrew Brook's Speleological Information Pages : Caving in Yorkshire and Scotland. BCRA, Caves&Caving table-of-contents Interesting maps! 

  • OUCC: Oxford University Cave Club

  • Border Caving Group, Guildford, Surrey by Keith Whiddon <keithwn@tcns.co.uk> 

  • North Wales Caving Club 

  • SWCC: South Wales Caving Club--> SWCC have information regarding local news, their newsletter, a list of members, and accomodation and access information for South Wales. 

  • YUCPC: York University Cave And Pothole ClubYUCPC have information on About the club, Current Members, Some Interesting Images, Planned Events, Trips so far, Juicy Gossip!!, and Expedition Info. 

  • BUCC: Bangor University Caving Club 

  • Gwynedd Cave &Pothole Club 

  • Shropshire Caving & Mining Club Shropshire, Midlands. 

  • Yorkshire Subterranean Society 

  • World Outdoor Web Caving section 

  • Speleo Technics Caving Lamps and Safety Helmets 

  • WOW caving galery (commercial) Beware: animated page! 






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